Parachute Tournament Challenge 2K16

It’s that time again! March Maddness is upon us and the band is putting on their own bracket challenge.

CLICK HERE to submit your bracket and get a chance to win a signed shirt from the guys.

New album “Wide Awake” out now!

Big news: our new album “Wide Awake” is OUT NOW! We can’t thank you enough for all the support over the years and are so excited to share this album with you.

Buy it HERE or click the links below.



New Wide Awake Blog Up Now!

We’ve started a blog on Tumblr called for all things “Wide Awake” related! You can check out Will’s original lyric notes in his notebook for the new song “Jennie,” along with the recordings he made while writing the song. Check it out HERE!

Preview “Wide Awake” on Pandora!

We’re so excited to let you know you can preview “Wide Awake” all week on Pandora before it comes out next week! Listen HERE and tell a friend.

Live Acoustic from Amanda’s Room: Behind the Scenes

We had such a blast flying to Boston to play for Amanda and her skating team! Check out this behind the scenes video HERE and see the actual live stream in the videos section of our Facebook page right HERE.