“What Side of Love” Limited Prints



We’ve teamed up with our friend Sally Reaves to do a limited run of prints of her “What Side of Love” lyric drawings! Get yours HERE before they run out.

The Big Giveaway Week!


Friends, it is ON!  Here’s the deal:

I was going through old boxes this week and found a TON of old Parachute stuff, including…

* Something to Believe in sheet music

* Radio promo samplers for Losing Sleep

* Old posters from the Overnight tour

* Tons of old shirts and tank tops and MORE!

SO, I decided that rather than throw it out, we’re going to have a huge week of giveaways next week, September 5-9.

Here’s where it’s all happening:

Monday: Instagram (CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW)

Tuesday: Twitter (CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW)

Wednesday: Snapchat (CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW)

Thursday: Facebook (CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW)

Friday: Email list (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP)

Tell your friends and get ready! See you next week…