Tour De Compadres West Virginia Show Canceled

Compadres in Huntington, WV:

Unfortunately, because of circumstances outside of our control, the TOUR DE COMPADRES show at Big Sandy Superstore Arena has been cancelled. This tour and spending each night with such incredible fans has been amazing, so on behalf of all the Compadres out on the road with us, we’re sorry to be missing you and look forward to coming back to the West Virginia area soon.

Tickets will be refunded in full at the point of purchase, and as an apology to the people of West Virginia, AEG Live will be giving ticket holders the opportunity to come see our November 9 show in Lexington, KY for FREE. You will receive an email from AEG Live with instructions on how to get tickets to the Lexington show next week.

Join The Crew!



What is The Crew? We essentially picture The Crew as a core group of Parachute fans who are ready and willing to help us out with projects, ideas and other random stuff we can’t do on our own.

We want to keep it chill and informal. Basically, we’ll shoot you an email if we ever have a project we think you can help us out with. And in exchange for your help, we’ll send you some free stuff.

We’ll also send you random stuff just for being cool and our friend with nothing expected from you in return, like live songs or merch discounts.

Stuff like this: assuming we haven’t run out yet (we only have a limited number), we’ll send you a signed sticker as a thank you for signing up.

There are no requirements and no minimums or anything. If you see an email and think you can help, awesome. If not, no biggie. You can jump on the next one.

That’s it!

Thanks again for being great fans and we hope you’ll sign up!

Will, Kit and Johnny

Tour De Compadres Show Cancelations and Venue Changes

A few Tour De Compadres show announcements:

  • Due to the conditions resulting from Hurricane Matthew, the NEEDTOBREATHE concert previously scheduled at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre on Thursday, October 13 is moving to the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville. Tickets for the St. Augustine show will be honored and those ticket holders will be granted general admission access to the Florida Theatre for the show. Refunds will be made available at point of purchase if you’re not able to attend at the new venue. Please make your request by or before October 28.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances on October 21, the TOUR DE COMPADRES show to take place in Abilene, TX at Taylor County Expo Center has been cancelled. Tickets will be refunded in full at the point of purchase. We always hate cancelling shows, and on behalf of all the Compadres out on the road with us, we’re looking forward to coming back to Abilene soon. For more information, please contact The Expo Center at 325.677.4376.