Join The Crew!



What is The Crew? We essentially picture The Crew as a core group of Parachute fans who are ready and willing to help us out with projects, ideas and other random stuff we can’t do on our own.

We want to keep it chill and informal. Basically, we’ll shoot you an email if we ever have a project we think you can help us out with. And in exchange for your help, we’ll send you some free stuff.

We’ll also send you random stuff just for being cool and our friend with nothing expected from you in return, like live songs or merch discounts.

Stuff like this: assuming we haven’t run out yet (we only have a limited number), we’ll send you a signed sticker as a thank you for signing up.

There are no requirements and no minimums or anything. If you see an email and think you can help, awesome. If not, no biggie. You can jump on the next one.

That’s it!

Thanks again for being great fans and we hope you’ll sign up!

Will, Kit and Johnny